SeetimaarrThe trailer of Gopichand and Tamannaah starrer Seetimaarr is out. It is a sports drama with mass elements and message in director Sampath Nandi’s style.

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The USP of Seetimaarr is the mass content. It has been a long time since a proper mass movie has come in cinemas that cater to the ‘mass’ audience. Director Sampath Nandi may not be as big as some other mass directors, but he has a style that caters to the masses. Seetimaarr is, therefore, the right package from the director.

Kabaddi is the sport that is the centre of the whole proceedings. Gopichand plays the coach. How his team overcomes the various challenges and wins the competition is the basic premise. Within a predictable story, Sampath Nandi has packed action, drama, women empowerment message and some massy numbers. It looks like a perfect package from the trailer.

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The visuals by Sounder Rajan look good. He has in the past collaborated for other Sampath Nandi projects as well. The background score adds to the mass appeal. All Seetimaarr needs is an engaging narrative now.

Check out the trailer below. Mani Sharma provides the music to the mass entertainer which has Bhumika playing an important role. Seetimaarr hits cinemas all over on September 10th for the big Vinayaka Chavithi festival weekend.

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