Siddharth-Sam-Mahesh_fansWonder why Samantha started all this Twitter mess in first place, she is never known to be in any sort of controversy and popular for kind heart for doing some charity work. If she did react to 1 Nenokkadine filmy things could be strange for an actress like Samantha who has acted in several movies? And as this is not enough why Siddharth has to chorus her? These are the questions being asked by many including Super star Mahesh fans.

After Samantha started it appeared like Siddharth took his turn to safeguard Samantha’s tweet. He himself said his time line is filled with abuse. He says if fans abuse threaten and try to terrorise someone, that makes you a terrorist. If you don’t, then youre not, so you shouldn’t take offence. People who know who they are and where they stand can’t, don’t and won’t #getlost . Angry brainwashed mobs however, eventually do. Bye bye!, wrote Siddharth.

Do you support what Siddharth is doing here and his savior role for Sam? Why does he need to interfere when he is nowhere connected to the movie. Why does he have to aggravate things more as opposed to Sam clearing when she began this? Post your comment and let us know if you support Siddharth.