sri-reddy-directly-reveals-another-big-name-liveSri Reddy is in talks every day now and the actress has been threatening high time that she is going to reveal big names from the Telugu film industry and she unpinned another bomb by revealing a real big family name live on a national channel.

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Speaking of the Telugu film studios, she said Suresh Babu’s son cheated her very badly and commented: “This Suresh Babu’s son took me to the studio and ****** me so badly”. We know Suresh Babu is one of the biggest producers in Tollywood and he has two sons, Rana and Abhiram Dagguabati and speculations say that it is the later. It is still not clear which one it is, but she clearly took the family out into the mess. This is growing really big now.

Except for MAA press meet dismissed the stripping protest of Sri Reddy, none of the others came out and denied her allegations strongly. Now that she directly gave out the names on the national channel, will the respective celebs come out and respond to her allegations? Will have wait and see.