Sukumar Ram Charan

This is going to be a busy week for Ram Charan’s fans as the first song from Game Changer is likely to be dropped on the eve of Charan’s birthday. There’s also a big update on the way as there are reports that Charan’s film with Sukumar could also be announced on the occasion of Charan’s birthday – 27 March.

Needless to say, Charan’s film with Sukumar which has been in the discussion stage for a while now, comes with its own combination hype. This will be their second collab after Rangasthalam so the combination hype will work the trick in the trade right from the outset. The business prospects will anyway be sorted.

But at the same time, there is a catch here. Sukumar had been doing only rustic actioners from Rangasthalam. After Rangasthalam, he did Pushpa, and is currently occupied with Pushpa 2. This essentially means that Sukumar is working on 3 rustic actioners back to back.

In case Sukumar’s next film with Charan which is to be announced soon is also in the ‘rustic’ category then it would mean that he is in the first stage of a monotonous approach. After Rangasthalam, Pushpa 1 and 2, if Sukumar’s fourth straight film is also in the rustic zone, then there is every chance that the audience’s perception will be that Sukumar is stuck up with the rustic conundrum.

Moreover, Charan’s immediate next film with Buchi Babu is also in the ‘rustic’ zone, so the expectations will be such that he does something different with his next film after the Buchi Babu directorial.

If Sukumar skips the rustic zone and moves out of the narrative of showing his thick-bearded rugged-looking heroes in a dark and shady setup, then things look really bright. Sukumar is anyway a proven exponent of fresh and exciting cinema, so if he does decide to do something fresh and innovative with Charan, then sky is the limit here.