Boyapati Srinu - AkhandaDirector Boyapati Srinu is in Rayalaseema scouting the locations for Balakrishna’s Akhanda. The movie shooting is completed except for the climax and a song. He has visited Gandikota, Chittoor, and Tirupati for the locations for the climax shooting.

This morning, the director has a darshan in Tirumala and spoke to the media after that. “We are here scouting locations for the climax. Since there are rains in Hyderabad, we are looking at other options. The film has been completed except for the climax and a song,” he said.

When asked about the film’s release date, “It is not going to be so easy. We should consider the third wave and take a decision. We release the film considering everything. Akhanda will release only when people are happy,” Boyapati revealed. Akhanda is carrying superb hype in the fans and audience due to the promising promotional content so far.

Rumors are that the team will target the September 10th release as Vinayaka Chaviti Special if things are favorable by then.