Samantha Akkineni Family Man Season2Tamil people have been agitating over The Family Man 2 ever since the trailer release. Samantha is at the center of the controversy as she plays the role of Raji – an LTTE Rebel. The actress pulled out of the web series promotions and stayed silent about it until the release.

Finally, she opened up last night. “I was aghast and shocked by the troubles and unspeakable grief that the Tamils of Eelam went through over an extended period of time. Raji’s story, though fictional, to me, is a tribute to those that died because of an unequal war, and those who continue to live in the painful memory of the war,” the actress wrote on her Instagram page.

“I was particular about Raji’s portrayal being balanced, nuanced, and sensitive. I want Raji’s story to be a stark, much-needed reminder for us, more than ever before, to come together as humans to fight hate, oppression, and greed,” she said in the defense of all the criticism that came her way.

After watching the web series and Samantha in it, Tamil people are in two minds about the controversy. Even though it is a fictional story, they can not still digest the fact that ISI and LTTE are linked in the web series. At the same time, they feel sorry about badmouthing Samantha whose character sympathizes with the cause of Tamil Eelam.