Salman Khan’s highly anticipated movie, Tiger 3, is all set to hit the screens this week, on November 12, a Sunday. This decision to release a major Bollywood film on a Sunday marks a departure from the usual Friday releases, and it’s a strategic move to capitalize on the festive period of Diwali. It appears that Salman Khan is determined to surpass the records set by Shah Rukh Khan with his films, Pathaan and Jawan.

The advance bookings for Tiger 3 are in full swing, and the initial indicators are promising. Within the first 24 hours, the total number of tickets sold across the three major national multiplex chains, PVR, INOX, and Cinepolis (referred to as PIC), exceeded 57,000.

For context, it’s worth comparing this to the numbers achieved by Jawan and Pathaan, both of which were released on regular working days. Jawan managed to sell a staggering 1,40,000 tickets, while Pathaan clocked in at 1,20,000 tickets within the same 24-hour timeframe.

While Tiger 3 is off to a solid start in terms of pre-sales, it falls behind Jawan and Pathaan in these early numbers. Unless there’s a significant surge in spot bookings and walk-ins, Tiger 3 may not surpass the first-day collections of Pathaan (55 crores) or Jawan (65 crores), despite the Sunday release.

Nonetheless, it’s anticipated that Tiger 3 will kick off with an impressive 38-40 crore opening, which is undeniably a strong start and bodes well for the film’s success.