DJ Tillu has quickly become a successful comedy franchise in Tollywood and the blockbuster run of the second part, Tillu Square clearly hints at the same. However, the main man of the film, Siddhu Jonnalagadda has hinted that the dynamic of Tillu world could be changed very soon.

In his new interview, Siddhu said he wishes to see more dynamic changes to the world of Tillu. He revealed that he has the idea of leaving the “falling after a girl” track and instead creating a superhuman track to see how Tillu would react if he found himself with a superpower.

Tillu coming with a superpower that he can’t control has endless comical potential but the idea is undeniably new and arguably risky.

When the Radhika and Lilly tracks are working so well for the film with the audience finding comical relief in Tillu character, is there a need to change the core dynamic of the whole series? Doesn’t it bring back to the old principle that never change something that’s working?

But at the same time, we must note that the audience might grow bored of the same heroine track after a point and that could deplete the hype on the sequel. One way to counter this is by freshening things up like the way Siddhu is saying with his superhero plan.

Will this dynamic change to the world of Tillu be a required reinforcement, or will it be an unnecessary risk? We will know the answer only after Siddhu actually makes a new Tillu film on his idea.