Tollywood Celebrities Become Soft TargetsIndia ranks second after the US amid rising COVID cases. And with the unprecedented number of cases rising each passing day, very soon the nation could overtake the US too, estimates the experts. If that happens, there will be tremendous pressure on the already crumbling health system.

Amid a crisis like this, there are people who are doing all that they can to help others in distress. And then, there is an attack all of sudden on film celebrities. The film celebrities are constantly scrutinized for not coming forward to help out the needy. They have become a soft target for a section of the public to attack.

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It is worth mentioning that last year, the Tollywood industry helped film workers by launching financial aid through Corona Crisis Charity. Many celebrities donated big amounts to the fund. The rest of the fund is going to be used for the free vaccination of film workers, their families, and film journalists.

Despite stars making an effort to do what they could, they continue to be made a scapegoat by a section of people. The million-dollar question is how fair is to blame actors for each and everything that happens in society. Why aren’t politicians, industrialists questioned? It should be remembered that charity is something which should be given but not demanded.

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