Top-10-Telugu-Films-in-USASince overseas box office of Telugu cinema mostly refers to the US box office, we take a close look at US market and the point it has reached in 2013 in an ongoing journey. We take a look at who are the stars here and the box office receipts they generate here.

Exactly a decade ago in 2003, for the first time a Telugu film had a business of 1 Cr pre release and collected a gross of 1 Cr post release in US market. The film was nothing but Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Tagore. Today in 2013, with Mahesh Babu’s SVSC and Pawan Kalyan’s AD grossing above 10 Cr, US market has grown by leaps and bounds. Today it has become so substantial a market that it can no longer be ignored and what’s more it’s just the beginning.

Besides Megastar Chiranjeevi, there are four obvious stars in the US and overseas market and interestingly not all of them are star heroes. It is a combination of two heroes and two directors in this territory and they clearly need no introduction. They are Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram Srinivas and Srinu Vytla. These four command superb following and a look at the top grosser over the years would reveal their domination.

Initially it was only Pawan Kalyan besides Chiranjeevi in the US but one film changed all the equation and that was Athadu. Trivikram Srinivas who was already a household name in US courtesy exemplary work in flicks like Nuvvekavali and Nuvvu Naku Nachchav joined hands with Mahesh Babu to create history in US in terms of run with the film Athadu. Mahesh Babu followed the film with Pokiri and Trivikram Srinivas followed the film with Jalsa, both highest grosser of the respective times. Pawan Kalyan on the other hand irrespective of the content and director managed to get the biggest preview numbers and when he got the right films he showed the big numbers too. He had however missed the landmark $2 Million mark by a whisker with his latest release though.

During the same time Srinu Vytla through a series of films starting from Dhee created a niche for him in US as well, the peak of which was witnessed with his combination with Mahesh Babu in Dookudu which is currently the third biggest grosser ever in US. He even gave Jr NTR his biggest grosser ever in the form of Baadshah that is at the 4th position overall. His pull in US can be gauged from the fact that Jr NTR failed to get even half of what Baadshah did with his subsequent outing Ramayya Vastavayya.

Finally there is another bunch of directors spearheaded by Sekhar Kammula who command a good following but haven’t created big record breaking numbers as they haven’t worked with the big stars yet. And coming to Rajamouli, he may be the biggest director undisputedly in AP but that is not the case for sure in Overseas and US. He has very recently with Eega joined the elite league and needs to prove his worth in coming films to get the top position. So that’s how things stand in US at the end of 2013. Here is the overall top 10 grosses list in US.

1. Atharintiki Daredi – $1.89 M
2. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu – $1.63 M
3. Dookudu – $1.58 M
4. Baadshah – $1.27 M
5. Eega – $1.08 M
6. Gabbar Singh – $1.03 M
7. Julayi – $836 K
8. Businessman – $707 K
9. Mirchi – $636 K
10. Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu – $612 K

Note: All the numbers are reported numbers.