trivikram-srinivas-strength-becoming-weaknessWhen we see Trivikram as a writer, especially, a close look at his films when was a dialogue writer, the main strengths of those movies had been the excellent comedy timing and his writing. He continued the same for his films after he turned director, even.

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Even his average films had repeat value because of comedy timing at its peaks. Films like ‘Athadu’ and ‘Khaleja’ that were average box-office churners have immense repeat value. Whenever they are aired on television, audiences get hooked to those movies quite involuntarily. ‘Athadu’ is a classic example in the league. One can’t browse through channels skipping Trivikram’s comedy punches.

But, his strength is becoming his weakness, recently. There is a downward trend in the last two releases and it is quite obvious. The latest, ‘Aravindha Sametha‘ suffers big time lacking the excellent comedy timing he was adept at. There are no gripping comedy moments for the audiences to cherish Trivikram’s witty dialogues with comedy touch. Hope, the director realises his strength growing into a weakness and rectifies it very soon.

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