Upasana Konidela - Samantha Ruth PrabhuUpasana Konidela and Samantha share a close rapport. The duo is often seen hanging out together. Now, after Samantha’s divorce, Upasana has commented about the star actress and the kind of person she is.

Samantha has a pure heart. She is a caring person. I really enjoy spending time with her and our conversations are very productive and I learn a lot from her.”

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“I was a hardcore non vegetarian and used to consume a lot of meat. But after reading a few of Samantha’s articles, I started reducing my meat consumption. She has a detailed insight on dietary needs,” Upasana said.

Well, Upasana has clearly certified that Samantha is a caring person and she is pure at heart. She seems to be indirectly supporting Samantha who recently announced separation.

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Very recently, Upasana and Samantha celebrated Diwali in each other’s company. They were seen spending quality time with friends and family. Without speaking about the divorce, Upasana has now given Samantha a conduct certificate.