Tillu Square, the sequel to super hit comedy caper DJ Tillu has started off on a very bright note at the box office. The film capitalized on the opening day momentum and had a pretty impressive opening weekend which was capped off by a strong Sunday.

According to the box office reports, Tillu Square has reached the break-even mark in most areas, if not all areas on its opening day itself.

Tillu Square was unfazed by the IPL fever as it managed to pull the crowds to theaters in big numbers on the weekend. At this rate, if the momentum continues over the second weekend, Tillu could pull 2X profits to the buyers in most areas.

The film is going berserk at the USA box office as well. The film grossed in the range of $1.8 Million till now and it has started to reap huge profits to buyers hero.

The election fever and IPL wave are showing little to no effect on Tillu at the moment. But the film faces a challenge in the form of Vijay Deverakonda’s Family Star which is set for release this weekend. While there will obviously be screen-number adjustments, it has to be seen how Tillu will fare in the second weekend.