The Prasads IMAX is one of the most prominent film hubs in Hyderabad as this renowned movie multiplex outlet has been a part of Hyderabad’s heritage as far as the cinema landscape is concerned.

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However, a shocking new pic from Prasad Imax has started to trend big time on social media and it has something to do with the shocking cinema-going trends in the city.

In this pic, we see absolutely zero crowds outside the famous Prasad outlet. Usually, we see hundreds of crowds outside Prasad’s enclosure every Friday, and the atmosphere is absolutely bustling with review givers, cinema-goers, and all kinds of hungama.

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But in the latest attached pic, none of this is hungama is seen. Let alone the hungama, we don’t see a single head outside the enclosure which can be a testament to how things have been in the recent past.

There is a stark decrease in the cinema going head count with the lack of exciting new releases and the same can be clearly understood in this case here.

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