Akhil Akkineni

Prabhas is evidently happy with Salaar’s result and he has now thrown a swanky party to the core team that worked on the film. The party took place in Bangalore and it had select guests in attendance.

But there was one unexpected man at the party and that is Akhil Akkineni. A snap of Akhil arriving at the party is now trending on social media and netizens are confused about what Akhil was doing at a Salaar-centric party.

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It wasn’t like Prabhas threw a private party for his close ones. It was almost exclusively for those related to Salaar. So, Akhil’s presence there has led to interesting narratives.

A few are going on to speculate that Akhil Akkineni could be a part of Salaar 2 and that’s why he attended the party now, in order to gel with the team. But this is a vague conspiracy for now though.

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Another interesting thing is that Akhil is seen with heavy bandage to his hand as he appears to be recovering from sort of a heavy injury to his left hand.

Either way, it has been a while since Akhik fell in the public’s eye as he has been lying low after Agent. So his sudden presence at Prabhas’s party is making some noise on social media now.

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