Who Is Lying? Adipurush Team Or VFX Team?Adipurush‘s teaser was unveiled yesterday and it has been mayhem on social media since then. No teaser or trailer of any Indian film has received such extreme criticism and brickbats for the poor quality of VFX in recent times.

Netizens started to tag the team and the alleged VFX team of the film to change/improve the VFX or postpone the release of the film. Prabhas fans also were seen demanding the team to work on the film from the scratch and come up with better visuals.

In response to the negativity, the VFX company NY VFXwaala has issued an official statement that they have nothing to do with CGI.

Now it has been noticed that Prasad Sutar, the co-founder of NY VFXwaala, has shared many pictures in the past where has claimed that their team is working on Adipurush. Sutar’s Twitter profile’s header still has the picture of Adipurush. So no one knows who’s lying.

What a mess Adipurush has made for itself. It’s nothing less than a nightmare to think about what the stakeholders would be feeling at the moment seeing all the negativity.

Let’s hope the final product wins over the audience.