The makers of Manam have been teasing us with interesting tidbits and teasers from the film right from the beginning. Who is Nageswara Rao is the latest in the series which has once again piqued up the interest of the movie lovers. It’s a short teaser where Samantha keeps on asking about Nageswara but we aren’t shown who she is referring too.

With much of the promotions centering on the late legend one assumes it’s his character name in the film as well because of this clip but one isn’t completely sure of it though. It’s this unpredictability and excitement factor that is kept alive with these short teasers, that is making the wait for Manam even sweeter for the fans and general audience. Manam hits the screens worldwide on May 23 as announced by the makers earlier.

For now though check out the teaser below and tell us if it’s got your curiosity as well, like it has ours.