Anil SunkaraNRI producer Anil Sunkara had raised high expectations among Akkineni fans before the release of Akhil’s ‘Agent,’ but the result turned out to be a shocker.

Surprisingly, Anil felt the pressure and openly acknowledged the disaster on the very first Monday after the release, offering his apologies to Akkineni fans for delivering a substandard product like ‘Agent.’

Now, after a significant delay, ‘Agent’ is set to release on OTT platform. Anil Sunkara took to Twitter once again to express his regret, writing, “I know how disappointing it can be to watch the movie, but the truth is, we have to face it! Extremely SORRY once again to all the AKKINENI Fans.”

Seeing his repeated apologies, industry insiders began to question the purpose of apologizing repeatedly to fans.

It’s important to note that he is the one who suffered a significant financial loss, not the fans or the audience, as they hadn’t even watched the film, which contributed to its disaster box office performance.

Many wonder Anil Sunkara who took the hit, whether it’s with ‘Agent’ or Chiranjeevi’s ‘Bhola Shankar,’ and not the actors or the fans. Consequently, many feel that instead of Anil Sunkara apologizing, the directors of these films should apologize for putting him in a difficult situation.