Sukumar locks Pushpa 2 script

The second installment of Pushpa – The Rule has been postponed from the 15th of August to a later date. The makers announced that the film will be released in theaters on December 6th this year.

This essentially means that Pushpa 2 is arriving exactly three years since the arrival of the first part. This is a rather unusually long gap as the mighty Baahubali sequel itself released in a gap of just two years and one would expect the Pushpa sequel to be done in a shorter period.

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This brings us to the question, will the gap of 3 years kill the hype and anticipation on Pushpa 2 as the first part is just in the distinct memory of the audience?

Well, if we take KGF duology as a yardstick for this, then the answer would be no, the time gap doesn’t matter much. In the case of KGF, the first part released in 2018, and the second one released in 2022.

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Despite having a gap of four years, the second part didn’t hold back as it turned out to be a massive Rs 1000+ crore grosser at the box office.

Coming to Pushpa 2, this film might not necessarily be bothered by the gap. The real deal here will be to deliver a quality product that can strike a chord with the masses. If Sukumar ticks this box, then the rest might not matter much.

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