Three years ago actor Nani tasted his first big success in the form of Ala Modalaindi. The following year Nani was part of films of directors like SS Rajamouli and Gautam Menon. It all looked like a dream for the young actor and he was slowly getting audience appreciation as well. However bad luck struck the actor soon as his films got postponed for one reason or the other. While financial issues, dates hassles pushed two films, another film was delayed due to release of its copy in cinemas. But the real unfortunate part here the release of the film one by one now.

The three films in question Paisa, Janda Pai Kapiraju and Aaha Kalyanam are going to release within the next one month. It all starts with Paisa which releases this Friday. This Krishna Vamsi directed film has been in the cans for almost a year now due to financial problems. Finally after all this time it’s getting ready to release but the interest in it has been long gone. Aaha Kalyanam is another film which is expected to release on February 21, its remake of hit Hindi film Banda Baaja Baarat but the problem is that an unofficial remake of the film has already released in Telugu last year. Once again this has lowered the expectations on the film.

Finally there is Janda Pai Kapiraju directed by Samuthirakani. This is another film that has lost its sheen due to the long delay. Neither the music nor the casting has created any interest in the film. Add to it the release of the above two films might have an impact on this film as well. So all in all here we have release of three films starring Nani within a span of one month but none coming across as hot and must watch. What could have been a great follow up to the years 2011 and 2012 is now turning into nightmare of sorts. Can somehow things turn around for Nani and these films mark a grand return for him as he has clearly put in lots of effort? Do you really think that can happen with these projects, share us your thoughts?