Veeru Potla, Veeru Potla Controversial Comments, Veeru Potla Controversy Directors Stealing Work, Veeru Potla Writer Director ControversyThese days there have been several instances where writers have been crying foul that they have not been getting credit for the writing and their names are not even mentioned in the credits of many films.

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One such writer turned director has now turned towards this issue. Noted director Veeru Potla has made some controversial statements during an interview. He said that he too faced many insults in the industry and was many times robbed off his fame by many directors.

He also added that he used to eagerly check the papers to find his name on the poster but to his surprise, his name was missed. This, in turn, made him ever aggressive and turn into a director. Veeru Potla has written scripts for hit films like Nuvvu Vastanante Nenu Vadantana and turned director later and gave a hit film like Bindaas.

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This statement of his has become a talking point now. Recently, Koratala Shiva also made the similar statement and created a stir. Now we need to wait and see how much Potla’s statement will cause problems.