Nenu Student SirAfter his debut Swathi Muthyam, Bellamkonda Ganesh is coming up with Nenu Student Sir releasing on June 2nd. The movie is a new-age-thriller which revolves around an iPhone. The recently released trailer was instantly impressive. Ganesh interacted with media about the film.

The young hero sounded very exciting about the film. “This story is written by Krishna Chaitanya. The Screenplay and direction by Rakesh. When Krishna Chaitanya narrated the story, I was very connected to the emotion and character arc in it. My character in Swathimuthyam is innocent from the beginning to the end. There are different shades in ‘Nenu Student Sir’. I really liked the character arc of how there is a happy start, a lot of pain and tension in the middle, and how he braves it all towards the end,” he said.

Ganesh says Nenu Student Sir is a new-age-thriller. “Suspense is the key in Nenu Student Sir. There are twists every now and then. As soon as you get out of one situation, another happens. Everytime a new layer will be added. Curiosity builds as to what will happen next. It is a new age thriller,” he confidently says.

The actor has added that he will be doing a crime comedy next and it will be announced soon.