OneNotFiveMinuttessFor the first time in world cinema, a film titled ‘One Not Five Minuttess’ starring Hansika is being filmed in a single shot with a single character. Written and Directed by Raju Dussa Produced by Bommak Shiva under Rudransh Celluloids banner. The film has finished all works and the first copy got ready. The team is planning to release the film soon. Meanwhile Trailer will be out in the coming days.

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‘One Not Five Minuttess’ is the world’s first movie filmed in single shot with single character starring Hansika. The film’s duration is one hour and forty five minutes and filming such a duration in a single shot in an intriguing manner involves meticulous planning and execution. ‘One Not Five Minuttess’ films comes under the category of Hollywood films like Bird Man and 1917 which were shot with single shot technique. But, those films have multiple characters whereas One Not Five Minuttess has only one character. The reel time and real time runs parallel and takes the audience into that world giving a real-time experience. Dialogues are also very minimal in the film and the film runs with a gripping screenplay. It is praiseworthy that such an experiment has been made in Telugu for the time in the country. Another fascinating thing is the film was shot live without using any green mat and CG work done later. This stands as an example for the vision of director and talent of DOP. After completing the film and attaining the first copy, the entire team is elated with the excellent output they got even better than what they expected. This film will become a benchmark technical wise filming in single shot with single character.

Hansika is perfectly suited for this film which is billed to be a psychological thriller made with only one character. She added more value to the film. As the entire film runs on a single shot with a single character, she needs to carry the entire film with her screen presence and expressions. She gave her one hundred percent for the film and lived in the skin of the role. She emoted exemplary as a girl who needs to protect herself from an invisible hunter. ‘One Not Five Minuttess’ will be the best film in Hansika ‘s career. Everyone will agree with the same after watching the film. Sam CS has provided the music for this film where re-recording has utmost importance. When the director narrated the story, Sam has taken it as a challenge and composed the BGM with a special care. His RR has taken the film to a whole new level. We will travel along with the character onscreen in a trans while.watching the film. Sam has created a tension with his music throughout the film. Brahma Kadali did an amazing art work. We can experience his work at every level in the film. As the film runs on a single shot, cinematographer Kishore Boyidapu has tried a new lighting technique to get the desired shade. His camera work helped the film to carry a perfect mood in sync with the story. Coming to the main man, Director Raju Dussa has made the film even better than what he narrated. His water-tight screenplay makes every frame important and every second linked to the story. Everyone has involved and dedicated themselves in shaping this film so perfectly. For the first time ever to make a film in a single shot with a single character with minimum dialogues, producer needs guts and passion. Bommak Shiva is such a daring producer and he deserves all the accolades for his uncompromised nature which resulted in the output with lavish production values. Team is planning to release the trailer soon. The film will be released in the coming days.

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