Varun Sandesh pins high hopes on his latest flick Nindha which is directed and produced by Rajesh Jagannadham on The Fervent Indie Productions banner.

The film’s first look was released recently and it gave the impression that Nindha deals with a unique concept. The tagline of A Kandrakota Mystery also generated curiosity.

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Hero Naveen Chandra released the film’s teaser today. The video doesn’t reveal much about the film’s plotline, but it surely catches our attention.

Varun Sandesh appeared as a guy who’s in dismay for reasons not shown in the teaser. Apart from introducing all the main characters, it is shown that there are some twists and turns in the tale.

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The teaser looks promising with good performances and impressive technical standards. Varun Sandesh looked convincing in an intense role.

Santhu Omkar scored the music for the movie, while the cinematography is handled by Ramiz Naveeth.

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The makers will announce the film’s release date soon.