Jagtial RobberyIn an incident that was quite cinematic, about four people tried to loot an ATM in Tandriyala in the Jagtial district of Karimnagar. About 50 meters on the road was full of currency notes as the thieves tried to run away with their booty.

The thieves came to the secluded ATM in the night and cleared the ATM of cash and put the bags in their car and were driving away when a police vehicle passed by. The thieves tried to drive away, but the police immediately started chasing them and dashed into their vehicle.

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Immediately, the thieves sped away in their vehicle dumping several notes on the road. However, police could trace the vehicle and take the remaining amount. They also patiently collected all the cash thrown on the road and took it back to the station. In all, the ATM had about Rs 19 lakh.

Meanwhile, the thieves managed to escape and Jagtial police are now hunting for them.

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