M9 News Website Founder Note Year 2024

We are done with another year. M9 News had yet another phenomenal year in which we have emerged as Most Reliable Website for Political Insights, Early U.S. Premiere Reviews and News Scoops.

We’ve rebranded ourselves as M9 News and witnessed the largest increase in readership this year compared to any other website in the market. We’re on our way to becoming the market leader in 2024. We are eager to put out our mind-boggling traffic stats sometime in 2024.

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M9 News’s Political Coverage this year is unparalled. Be it when Chandrababu Naidu is arrested or the coverage of Telangana Assembly Election, no other web media was even close to us. We are the first media house to break out the news that Pawan Kalyan will be announcing TDP-Janasena alliance after meeting Chandrababu in jail. Even the Mainstream Print and Electronic Media are behind us in this News Break. We have already started Andhra Pradesh Elections coverage and we are on course to become the best on Web once again.

When it comes to the Entertainment side, We continue to compete only with ourselves in 2023. Our first-on-net Live Reports from the US Premieres and Reviews continue to be unmatched for their speed and high-precision accuracy. As always, our Reviews are Gold-standard and the first source of the industry to know the fate of films. And here we are, staying straight without budging to any pressures in giving out the Reviews and Ratings to our readers with precision.

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M9 News has become the top-most and the best source for information on Industry trends, trade, and also, the happenings on the social media. Our Twitter account continues to be the biggest influencer of Tollywood with each tweet having fabulous reach unfathomable for any other media house.

Towards the end of the year, we introduced a new feauture – Trade Analysis Reports about the US Market Analysis and Performance of the films. We are going to publish regular reports of the films to know the collection trends regionwise and theaterwise. We started with Gunturkaaram and will continue for all films. This feature will be the first of its kind for any website and will give insights into movie collections even before they are reported on ComScore.

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For the first time ever on TV or the web, Tollywood’s most prominent producers unite for M9 News Roundtable 2023. 2023 is just our second year into Video Interviews but we are already one of the most-influential in that space for not mincing words in asking the questions calling spade a spade. Our Videos are getting excellent reach and the clips of the videos are going viral on social media as soon as they are out. We are looking to further invest and enhance in this space in 2023. Quite a few exciting things are on the way.

We also humbly share how some media houses imitate our success formula. We don’t have any complaints; it’s a testament to our success and doing things the right way.

While we take the pride in our achievements in 2023, we remember they are not possible with the love and continued patronage of our readers. We owe this to our readers with utmost humility and thank you from the bottom of the hearts.

We have many big and disruptive things coming up in 2024. M9 News promises our readers another year of interesting and impactful reading and watching in 2024 as we look forward to realize the target of being the Number One in the web-media space.

We, the passionate M9 team, wish you the best and a happy New Year!