The_Custodian_of_Enemy_Property_for_IndiaIn an interesting turn of events, the Modi-led government of India has made over a whopping Rs 3400 crores by selling off enemy properties across the country.

The government made Rs 3407 crores through the 12,611 enemy properties in the country.

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The Custodian of Enemy Properties in India (CEPI) has announced that a total of Rs 3407 crores revenue has been generated through the enemy properties. This includes, Rs 2,709 crores in company shares and Rs 699 crores through revenue receipts.

Previously, the central mint sold 1.9 kilos of gold pertaining to CEBI for Rs 49 lakh and 28.89 kilos of silver for Rs 10.92 lakh which adds to the revenue generated through enemy property.

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For those wondering about what enemy property means, here’s a brief look at it. After the 1965 war, the government of India permitted Indian citizens to leave to Pakistan and China if they wish to. The lands and properties that they left back then are now termed as enemy properties in India.