ABN Radhakrishna

Telugu Media Space is very polarized towards Power. We have seen Channels changing their position as soon as the Governments changed.

Probably, Ramoji Rao and Radhakrishna are the only Media Barons who struck to the principles.

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After 2004, the YSR age started in Telugu Politics. YSR resorted to Vendetta Politics. He derived pleasure in cornering the media channels that do not fall in place.

Eenadu and Andhrajyothy were his prime targets. Both the Media Groups fought YSR who also brought Sakshi to counter them.

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Despite harassment and no ads from the Government, both the media houses stood like a rock.

The duel ended without a result in 2009 due to the unfortunate demise of YSR.

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Later, Jagan took his place. Going against the Government is not easy always but Ramoji Rao and Radhakrishna did not bat an eyelid.

Luckily for Ramoji Rao, there was a period of honeymoon in Telangana as KCR went all the way to Ramoji Film City and compromised.

It is not the case with Radhakrishna, he fought with YSR, Jagan, and KCR as well.

Except for 2019-2024 when Chandrababu is in power in AP, Radhakrishna did not have any relief. Even during the same period, he is seen fighting with KCR in Telangana.

KCR banned ABN and TV9 in his first term. TV9 compromised and got the ban lifted but the fight went on for a long time in the case of ABN.

Later, Jagan also banned ABN in AP after 2019.

This is the first time Radhakrishna has seen two favorable Governments in AP and Telangana since 2004.

He has good ties with Revanth Reddy who came to power in Telangana six months ago and now, Chandrababu is back in Andhra.