Amit Shah Trying To Use Junior NTR To Finish TDP?Union Home Minister Amit Shah will be visiting Hyderabad later today. There have been many speculations about Ramoji Rao stitching an alliance between TDP and BJP and Chandrababu may also join them.

But out of blue, Amit Shah pulled off a blinder by inviting Junior NTR to Shamshabad Novotel just before leaving Hyderabad.

The media is informed that Shah was impressed by NTR‘s performance in RRR and invited him.

But then, Junior and politics are inseparable. So, this meeting will come under the political scanner in many ways.

TDP can be influential in at least twenty-three seats where Seemandhra voters particularly TDP sympathizers are in a dominant position.

There were political rumors that BJP may forge an alliance with TDP in AP to attract these voters because the saffron party did not score a majority in a single division with Seemandhra voters in the last GHMC elections.

Twenty-three seats can be deciding factor for BJP’s coming to power in Telangana.

So, it is natural that BJP would like to show NTR on its side to impress them. Naturally, TDP sympathizers would be mostly NTR fans, BJP believes.

There is no doubt it would be an honor for NTR to meet Amit Shah who is like the defacto Prime Minister of India. But then, this meeting will have a direct impact on TDP.

BJP wants to use Junior NTR against TDP to impress the Seemandhra voters in Telangana while the center will continue to help YSR Congress as how it is doing since 2019.

It is debatable if NTR will be enough to nullify the TDP impact in Telangana but it looks like BJP high command thinks it will be enough.

BJP supporters believe that TDP should be defeated in the 2024 elections. So that the opposition space will become vacant for them considering Chandrababu’s age.

NTR is staying aloof from politics ever since 2009. The impact of this meeting on TDP will not be a matter of concern for the hero.

Getting an invite by India’s second most powerful man to appreciate his performance in RRR will be an honor for NTR.

His calculation will end only at that. It is not his problem if that helps BJP. It is a problem of Chandrababu, Lokesh, and TDP supporters to assess the impact of this meeting on TDP.