Chandrababu Naidu gave B-forms to the TDP candidates contesting in this election. At the last minute, TDP changed candidates in five seats.

Raghu Rama Krishna Raju got a chance as the candidate of Undi. Along with him, tickets were finalized for Giddi Eshwari (Paderu), Bandaru Satyanarayanamurthy (Madugula), MS Raju (Madakasira) and Kurugondla Ramakrishna (Venkatagiri).

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Undi: Raghu Rama Krishna Raju who could not get the ticket for the Narasapuram Parliament was sent to Undi. Sitting MLA Rama Raju was pacified and was made the President of TDP in West Godavari. RRR’s winning chances will depend on another Rebel leader, Kalavapudi Siva here. Siva has threatened to contest as independent. The talks are going on.

Paderu: There is dissent on the previous TDP candidate here. YSR Congress is clearly leading as a result. Giddi Eshwari’s candidature makes it a Keen Contest, locals say.

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Madugula: Bandaru Satya Narayana Murthy was shifted from Pendurthi to Madugula. Pendurthi was given to Janasena. He was given Madugula ticket so as to pacify him. TDP has an edge in Madugula. Paila Prasada Rao, an NRI was the previous candidate and he did fair job on the ground. So, there is a divided opinion in the cadre over this change. Bandaru’s winning chances will depend on how he can gel with the local cadre

Madakasira: It is an SC-reserved constituency. Anil Kumar who was the previous candidate here is not getting the co-operation from the cadre. He is replaced by the TDP Dalit wing’s head MS Raju. Thippeswamy faction also vowed to work for MS Raju. The party is confident of winning Madakasira with this change.

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Venkatagiri: TDP has good chances in this constituency. Earlier, the TDP nominated K Lakshmipriya, daughter of former MLA Kurugondla Ramakrishna from Venkatagiri. However, according to the changed plan, the party felt Ramakrishna would be the better candidate.

Suspense is still on Anaparthy, Denduluru, and Thambalapalli. The B-forms were not given for these three seats. Efforts are on to have Nallamilli contest from BJP in Anaparthy. In such a case, there will be no changes in Denduluru and Thambalapalli. If Anaparthy is not resolved, there will be a change in Denduluru or Thambalapalli.