Minister-Roja-Speech-In-AssemblyYSRCP has its own ways of claiming credit for the supposed reforms they bought in Andhra Pradesh. Now, Roja has made a strange comment and this is catching the attention on social media.

In the AP assembly today, Roja said Jagan’s reformation and development works are so successful that men in AP are having to ask their wives for pocket money.

“Jagan has brought unprecedented changes in the state and directly helping women. It has gotten to a point where men are taking pocket men from their wives and children. Jagan has empowered women to a great extent” Roja stated in the assembly.

This has led to a series of comments on Roja and also the YCP.

“IF Jagan really bought so many reforms and did so much development, then why will these men that Roja says will have to depend on their wives and daughters for money?

Shouldn’t they earn for themselves with the opportunities created by Jagan? Roja’s comments are so strange that she is contradicting herself” a netizen commenced.