The suspense surrounding the final voting percentage of the Andhra Pradesh polls is finally over. The people of AP have shown remarkable spirit by standing in voting queues late into the night; in over a thousand locations, polling continued past midnight.

It took almost a day after polling ended for the Election Commission to announce the final polling percentage.

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Not only are political parties, their followers, the media, and psephologists eager to run post-poll analyses waiting for this number from the EC.

Even a one percentage point increase over the previous term could turn the tables against the ruling party.

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According to ECI data, the AP voter turnout is now 80.07% and could rise slightly when the final official number is released. There is another 1.2% from postal ballots. So, the turnout stands at 81.27% as of now (estimated 82/37%), which is higher than in 2019 (79.80%), and this could make YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and the YSRCP leaders sleepless.

This is the highest voting ever recorded in AP history. Such high voting usually happens only when people want to bring down a government.

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The highest recorded vote in an Assembly constituency came as a big surprise, as it was neither Kuppam, Pulivendula, Mangalagiri nor Pithapuram.

The highest-voted Assembly constituency is Darsi, which has polled 90.91% of the votes. Sivaprasad Reddy from the YSRCP and Gottipati Lakshmi from the TDP, contesting here for the first time, were the candidates.

Recording over 90% in Darsi is no ordinary feat, especially since the TDP did not even appoint an in-charge for the constituency for four years. This is the only Assembly constituency that touched 90%. If this record voting percentage is due to anger against the ruling YSRCP MLA, Gottipati Lakshmi will score a resounding victory.