Tammineni SitaramThe Gadapa Gadapaku program is landing the ruling party, YSRC leaders in a whole lot of trouble. They’re being met with enormous public backlash in many assembly segments across Andhra Pradesh.

In a new event, the speaker of AP assembly, Tammineni Seetharam had to face the fire.

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Seetharam was touring Amudalavalasa earlier today and this is when he was confronted by an anguished woman.

“My mother in law hasn’t been getting pension. They removed my Anganvadi teacher post without any reason. We are having to pay Rs 3000 bribes to get government schemes” the lady told the AP speaker.

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This enraged the YCP leader started shouting “Do you think this is some comedy show. I came here to solve your problem and you’re confronting me. Nee Ishtam vachina chota cheppuko po(complain wherever you want).”

“You all want to only confront me but are least focused on solving your problems. Do you all think this is a comedy act?” The speaker was seen shouting at the public.

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The public was taken aback by the YCP senior’s acts as they thought he was there to resolve their problem but he ended up shouting at them profusely.