Hari Rama Jogaiah Mudragada Padmanabham

Kapu Leaders – Hari Rama Jogaiah and Mudragada Padmanabham are trying to corner Janasena President Pawan Kalyan with their letters.

While Jogaiah has been writing such letters for several months, Mudragada joined him after Pawan Kalyan closed Janasena’s doors on him.

Both of them hate the Telugu Desam Party for various reasons and so are trying to shoot Chandrababu from the shoulders of Pawan Kalyan and the Kapu community.

However, they are conveniently painting Kapu Sankshemam to their deeds.

Firstly, what is the connection between the Kapu community and Pawan Kalyan? Pawan Kalyan’s party is Janasena, not Kapu Sena. Why are these two hellbent on painting caste color to the party?

Do we see Reddy Sankshemam leaders write to Jagan or Kamma Sankshema leaders write to Chandrababu? – No

What favor are they doing to Pawan Kalyan or the Janasena with these letters?

Keeping that aside, let us see the background of both these leaders.

Chiranjeevi contested from Palakollu on Jogaiah’s word. The latter took care of the entire electioneering but Chiranjeevi lost.

Back then, there were allegations that Jogaiah siphoned off funds but we do not know the fact.

But everyone saw him make severe allegations about Chiranjeevi selling tickets. It was Jogaiah who demanded a CBI inquiry into Chiranjeevi’s assets.

We now arrived at the contribution of Jogaiah when someone got the first chance from the community to make an impression in the AP Political space.

Coming to Mudragada, where is he when Praja Rajyam came? What is his contribution to Janasena apart from writing such letters?

When a Reddy leader (Dwarampudi) abused Pawan Kalyan in unwrittenable language, Mudragada supported him by releasing an open letter.

So does he have a moral right to demand anything from Pawan Kalyan?

In the name of Kapu Sankshemam, these people are only trying to help the YSR Congress by inflicting damage to Janasena.