It seems like there’s some tense situation unfolding. It appears that there’s speculation surrounding Bonda Umamaheswara Rao’s involvement in the recent stone attack, and efforts might be underway to include him as an accused in the case. Drama unfolded at Bonda Uma’s residence in Mughalrajapuram, Vijayawada, and the party office in Ajitsingh Nagar on Friday night, with the sudden arrival of the police leading to a tense atmosphere.

The presence of two constables at Bonda Uma’s house in the morning, which later increased to four, raised suspicions. Consequently, Bonda Uma traveled from his home to the party office in Ajitsingh Nagar, only to find task force officials and law enforcement personnel waiting there.

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Reports circulated about the possibility of Bonda Uma’s arrest, prompting TDP workers from 20 divisions to gather at the party office in large numbers. The workers voiced their support for Bonda Uma and expressed their dissatisfaction by chanting slogans against certain individuals.

Bonda Uma remained at the party office, discussing ongoing developments with leaders for about two and a half hours. Despite police warnings to disperse, the activists remained steadfast, prompting Bonda Uma to leave the premises, possibly to avoid any potential arrest.

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The situation escalated further as the power supply to the party office was cut off, and Bonda Uma made his exit discreetly from the back side. It’s a complex situation that seems to be evolving rapidly, with tensions running high between the involved parties.