Nandamuri Balakrishna is a no nonsense TDP activist. We have been seeing him campaign for the party since the days of NT Ramarao to until recently whenever and wherever necessary but we never heard him complaining of anything or throwing tantrums.

He did it once again in recent elections. Balakrishna is contesting from Hindupur for the third time. There is a wider feeling in everyone that it is going to be very easy for Balakrishna in the TDP Stronghold.

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Even YSR Congress did not campaign much in the constituency making the result easy to guess. Balakrishna also did not sweat hard in the constituency. After filing the nomination, he was barely in the constituency. His wife Vasundhara was mostly seen campaigning for him in Hindupur.

We have seen him campaigning for the other TDP candidates. He got huge crowds wherever he went. Balakrishna only attended the alliance’s inaugural meeting in Palnadu.

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Later we have seen Prime Minister Narendra Modi attend a few Public meetings in AP. He even attended a Mega rally with Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan in Vijayawada. Even Lokesh shared dais with the Prime Minister but Balakrishna never did.

Balakrishna never cared or desperate for that privilege of being seen in big meetings or alongside the Prime Minister to get the visibility or the media space. He was only concerned about delivering what the party needs.

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Once the campaign is done, we have seen him silently go to Hyderabad and will very soon start his film shootings as well.