KCR Chandrababu naidu convoy

It is known that the current secretariat is divided in two and is shared between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in the wake of Hyderabad being common capital for the next 10 years. While Telangana government has been allocated A, B, C and D blocks, the Andhra Pradesh government is given J, K, L, H-south and north blocks. Police have put up barricades between the blocks of two governments at the Secretariat in a bid to restrict unauthorized movement of people.

Police say this arrangement is part of the security measures they take. Visitors with pass of one secretariat are freely moving from one side to another without any authorization. Some visitors obtain (entry) pass from one gate and moving into other zone which may lead to security hazards. With the barricades in place now any one visiting a state’s secretariat can only enter through the main gate of that secretariat.