Beneficiaries Carry The Hopes of Chandrababu NaiduWe are just 10 days away from the completion of the Campaign for Andhra Pradesh Elections. All the heads of the parties and their candidates are immersed in the campaign to attract the voters. TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu leads in the number of Public Meetings and Rallies among the Party Presidents.

Naidu almost addressed double of the meetings by Pawan Kalyan and Jagan. Naidu had pinned all his hopes on the beneficiaries of welfare schemes to get the second terms. As per the government numbers, there are 60000-70000 beneficiaries in each constituency. In some constituencies, the number goes up to 80000 and 90000.

Now, these beneficiaries are going to be benefitted once again from April 1st. Pensions, Employment Allowance, Runa Maafi, Annadata Sukheebhava, Pasupu Kunkuma, etc. All these monies are going to be deposited in the accounts from April 1st to April 9th. If the majority of these beneficiaries vote for TDP, it is certain that the Cycle Party will come to Power.

Beneficiaries of various welfare schemes stood firmly with YSR in the 2009 elections and as a result, Congress came to Power with a thumping majority even though the entire Opposition grouped. The schemes even overcame the anti-incumbency on YSR Government because of the various scams that surfaced.