Biggest Positive For TDP From Krishna District The Chairman election of Kondapalli Municipality is finally done. Both TDP and YSR Congress have won Fourteen wards each and one TDP Rebel has managed to win. The Rebel has extended support to TDP as soon as the voting is over. And then, both the parties have one ex-officio vote each.

YSR Congress tried its level best to attract TDP ward members and postponed the election twice by creating arson. Finally, TDP filed a house motion petition in the High Court. The Court has become serious about the arson in the election and ordered the Returning Officer to conduct the election today itself.

With no other way to go, the election has happened today and TDP won it comfortably. YSR Congress MLA demanded for Secret Voting to see if TDP members will crossvote but TDP opposed it saying that there is no such provision in the Municipal Act. Finally, TDP won it.

“This should be a lesson for the Ruling Party. Elections are won by winning the hearts of the people not by money power or brute force. Meanwhile, keeping all the ward members intact even in Opposition will be the biggest positive for TDP,” Political Observers say.