Nara-Brahmani-Nara-BhuvaneshwariBlue Media’s happiness knows no bounds after Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. Blinded by Kula Gajji and the financial benefits they got, the media is enjoying these days to the fullest. They are eagerly waiting for the arrest of Lokesh next.

Earlier this week, Lokesh was named in the Fiber Net Case as well as the Inner Ring Road Case so far. The Ministers are making open threats that he will be arrested soon.

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Now, Blue Media is churning out stories that CID will book cases on Chandrababu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneshwari, and daughter-in-law, Brahmani.

They say Heritage benefitted due to the Inner Ring Road alignment and since Bhuvaneshwari and Brahmani are in the managerial positions of Heritage, they will be named in the case.

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While there are no bounds to the imagination of the Blue Media, it has to be seen if those in power will be so foolish to make such a blunder.

In politics, there are no murders, there are only suicides. We will see if Jagan will end up as an example of that in history.

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Meanwhile, it has become a mystery to the public about how there is a case in Inner Ring Road with not even a single rupee allotted and not a single brick laid for the Inner Ring Road.