We all know how Blue Media used to be after Lagadapati Rajagopal back in those days.

Lagadapati Rajagopal got his 2019 Survey wrong and had to retire completely from Surveys and Politics subsequently.

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Blue Media used to mock Lagadapati even till recently.

In this election, Lagadapati’s brother, Madhu did a survey. Blue Media says that the survey and the other one done by AARAA Masthan are the only genuine surveys.

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The rest of the Surveys are done in TV Studios.

AARAA is genuine because it is the only survey that gave an edge to the YSR Congress.

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Madhu’s Survey is a silly survey in which he tried to play safe.

He gave 93 (+/- 8) for alliance and 82 (+/-8) for YSR Congress.

That buffer of +/- 8 could alter the result completely as the magic number is 88.

That means it is a survey that played safe and did not conclude the winner.

But Blue Media likes it because gives a chance to YSR Congress even though that is an outside chance.

Blue Media started feeling Lagadapati as Genuine for that comfort. If he had given a decisive victory for TDP+, Blue Media would have abused his entire family lineage.