Yogesh Yadav

The National-level Surveys and Senior Psephologists without any doubt are giving Andhra Pradesh to Telugu Desam Party.

The list is increasing day by day and is causing worry for YSR Congress leaders and supporters.

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They are just hoping that the local pollsters will give them a chance when the Exit Polls are out on June 1st after 6 PM.

The other day, Yogendra Yadav, one of the most revered pollsters also gave Andhra Pradesh to NDA.

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He is one pollster who says the BJP will come back to power but with a truncated majority but will form the Government will the help of allies.

Blue Media is trying to twist the words of Yogendra Yadav and say people may have voted for NDA in Lok Sabha elections and YSR Congress in State Elections.

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But then, it is wrong on two counts.

Historically, Andhra Pradesh people gave the same verdict in the Assembly and Lok Sabha when elections are held together.

Secondly, there is a clear answer in Yogendra Yadav’s words in that interview.

“At least 15 seats Gain from Andhra Pradesh because it seems TDP has done very well,” he clearly said.

If the gaining factor is TDP, it is unlikely that there will be a different vote in the Assembly and Parliament.