As the Lok Sabha elections are nearing, the BRS chief K. Chandrashekar Rao handed over B-forms to all his 17 contestants earlier today at the Telangana Bhavan.

Speaking to the media, he said that as per the survey, BRS would win at least eight seats in the upcoming elections. He added there are chances of winning three other seats as well.

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KCR opined that there will be political turmoil in the state after the Lok Sabha elections. He said a few Congress leaders are in touch with him saying that “BJP” is dominating their party internally.

Another prominent leader from Congress reportedly contacted KCR saying that he could bring 20 MLAs with him. However, KCR told him this was not the time for it.

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“BJP tried to topple BRS government when it had 104 seats. Imagine what it can do for Congress with 64 seats? Whatever happens, it is the benefit of our state and the future belongs to BRS,” said KCR.

KCR asserted that his party’s agenda would prioritize the welfare of farmers. He announced plans for a Bus Yatra, during which he will visit farmers in the morning and participate in roadshows covering two to three assembly constituencies in each Parliament segment in the evening. This tour will start on April 22.

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Additionally, BRS will hold big public gatherings in Warangal, Mahabubnagar, and Khammam. KCR added that the public will now witness his personality which was seen during the agitation.