C-voter Survey

For a while now, the opposition parties have been alleging that YCP’s social media team has crossed all limits with their fake propaganda on social media. The latest victim of this fake propaganda from YCP is a national media outlet.

Incidentally, YCP aligned social media handles carried a survey report in the name of ABP Live. Their propaganda is that ABP Live’s survey on AP polls reported that YCP will win 142 MLA seats in AP.

However, it was later identified that this is just another fake campaign by YCP and nothing more. The social media campaign done by the YCP batch on social media in the name of ABP Live is a fake one. The media outlet issued an official communication that the fake survey in their name has nothing to do with the agency.

The fact that a national media outlet is having to issue official communications that their logo and branding is getting misused by YCP speaks a lot about the kind of propaganda that is being planted by the ruling party. Needless to say, these fake surveys will do more bad than good once they are exposed.