Employee Association LeadersThe leaders of Andhra Pradesh Government employees’ associations have met Governor Biswabhushan Harichandan and brought to his notice how their financial benefits are being not paid on time.

Governor is the head of the Government. So complaining to the Governor himself is like never before. It did not happen at any time in the past.

After the meeting, the association leaders told the media how they were patient until now and says they will very soon hit the streets.

Last year, we have seen Government employees hit the ground. They have called for Chalo Vijayawada which was a massive hit back then.

The Government immediately called the associations for meetings and later ‘managed’ them.

The protests were withdrawn even without any concrete promise by the Government. The condition of the employees became worse after that.

They have to wait for many weeks to get their salaries. Getting salaries on the 1st of every month is a thing of the past now.

It has to be seen if the associations stand up to the employees at least now.