In a horrific incident that took place in Nandyal district’s Allagadda last night, a few unidentified individuals brutally attacked former minister Bhuma Akhila Priya’s bodyguard Nikhil. The visuals of the attack are now out on social media.

The incident took place in the wee hours of Wednesday. Last night, while Nikhil was standing with someone near Akhila’s house, a car sped towards them and hit him.

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He was thrown a short distance by the impact. The car then halted near him, and three individuals got out and started to assault the already injured Nikhil with weapons.

Despite his injuries, Nikhil managed to escape and went into Akhila’s house. He was immediately taken to a hospital in Nandyal.

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The culprits aren’t identified yet. But the police are speculating that TDP leader AV Subba Reddy’s supporters might have attacked Nikhil.

During Nara Lokesh’s recent Yuva Galam Pada Yatra, Nikhil attacked Subba Reddy. Thus, the police are doubting that might be the reason why Subba Reddy’s associates attacked Nikhil.

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Amidst this tense atmosphere, police have deployed security at the residences of both Subba Reddy and Akhila Priya. A case was filed against Subba Reddy, Chandra and four other accused individuals.