Chandrababu Naidu: Gentleman Politics As Always

Telugu Desam Party decided to skip the recent assembly in Telangana election. One of the main reasons was that the party president Chandrababu was kept on judicial remand and he was not in the position to assess the situation in Telangana and come with an electoral plan.

But now that Naidu is back, he has set his focus back on Telangana again, it seems. He is said to be preparing the ground for the coming year’s parliamentary elections, it seems.

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Naidu has already received a list of 10 aspirants for the Telangana TDP president post. The likes of Nandamuri Suhasini, T-TDP convener Kambhampati Rammohan Rao, current vice president, Katragadda Prasuna, and others are pushing for the T-TDP president post, say reports.

The idea is to have a fully operation political outfit for the next parliamentary election in Telangana. With YCP facing anti-incumbency in AP and TDP gaining huge ground there, simultaneously focusing on Telangana and possibly winning a few MP seats here would boost TDP’s prospects in national politics.

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Naidu is said to be conscious about picking the right T-TDP president this tim as the previous two men, Kasani Gnaneshwar and L Ramana quit the party and joined BRS later. Naidu doesn’t want something like this to happen in the context of the coming general election. He is expected to make an announcement on the new T-TDP president very soon.