Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu visited the Polavaram project. He left his residence in Undavalli at 11 am on Monday and reached the project. At the Polavaram project, he viewed various areas including the spillway from a helicopter.

After that, he reached the project and talked to the officials. He inquired the water resources department officials about the progress of the spillway, coffer dam and diaphragm wall works. After that, together with them, the CM inspected the surroundings of the project in the bus.

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He also viewed the photo exhibition arranged there.

Earlier, they inspected the guideband area that is sinking at the left bank and spoke to the officials. He saw the surroundings of the project from gates 22 and 23. After the inspection, the CM will hold a review with the officials and later he will talk to the media.

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This is Chandrababu’s first visit after taking charge as Chief Minister.

Between 2014-19, Chandrababu regularly visited the project and monitored the progress of the works, calling Mondays as Polavaram Mondays. In the same way, the Chief Minister started visiting the project on Monday itself.

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The project was progressing at a brisk pace until 2019. Jagan Mohan Reddy stalled the project works in the name of Reverse Tendering and brought an inexperienced contractor.

And from then, everything came to a grinding halt and even damage was reported to the project.