Chandrababu Naidu

With Nara Chandrababu Naidu taking over as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, there is a lot of hope in the public on good governance and the development of the state. However, some over enthusiastic media persons always approach with an intention to trouble the CM and his government by asking unnecessary and untimely questions.

Today, Chandra Babu held a press meet to reveal details on the losses incurred by the power sector in previous government. Chandra Babu said that he would ensure to invite companies to the state and also look into the irregularities committed by previously state government. He stressed that he would take on everything in a phased manner.

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However, the over enthusiastic media persons questioned him asking if he would form committees or put YS Jagan in jail. They questioned how and when CBN would do this.

An irked Chandra Babu has given a befitting response to everyone which is winning the hearts now. He has made his mind clear in setting the plan of action straight.

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“Some of you are trying to disturb me emotionally by asking questions on how and when I will take action on irregularities of previous government. I would remind you all that you have never witnessed a democratic press conference in the last five years,” said CBN, resulting in evoking laughs in the meeting hall.

“I am answering to all of your questions democratically because I am confident. I want to convince you the same and I want to take it forward,” he added.

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