Kodali Nani Gudivada

AARAA Masthan’s Survey is the only Survey Agency that gave a chance to the YSR Congress. Luckily people are not aware of his 2014 prediction failure and so, he is trying to market his survey as most accurate.

Masthan revealed his Post-Poll Survey for Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He also gave the report of around 40 constituencies where the main leaders of YSR Congress, TDP, and Janasena are contesting.

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It is interesting to note that he said Vallabhaneni Vamsi is winning Gannavaram but did not mention about Kodali Nani in Gudivada which is easily in the Top 5 most talked about constituencies in the state.

It is also one of the betting favorite seats in the state.

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He was asked about the same in an interview.

“Gudivada is definitely a Tight Constituency and so, I did not mention it is my Press meet. To defeat Nani and Vamsi, people have come from other countries as well and worked in the constituency,” Masthan said.

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This logic is baffling everyone. Why would Masthan not say about a constituency if it is tight?

If his survey did not yield a concrete result, he should have said it will be a tight contest.

He said about many tight contests in his Press meet without giving edge to any side.

He said Ambati Rambabu is facing a Tight Contest in Sattenapalli.

Similarly, he said BJP President Daggubati Purandeshwari is also facing a Tight contest and the win or loss margin will be only 15,000-20,000. He said there are equal chances for victory and defeat there.

But why did Masthan skip the constituency completely? Did he do that intentionally?

Or Did Masthan admit his survey was not sure about Gudivada? If he can not gauge the pulse of an important constituency like Gudivada, how can gauge the pulse of the state?